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New Theme is "The Ocean" due on Human Trafficking Awareness Day (January 11th)


New Submissions!

January 4th: Jeff makes things right and finally sends in Orchid and Wasp

January 2nd: Aaron Krajeski makes an early play on the 2011 Lucas Brown Award with I Wanna Fall In Beer Wtih You and Same Eyes As Mine (sort of like how Baltimore always gets the first few murders of the new year).

December 6th: I finally return from China to the website. Oh so much new material. New themes of Drinking Songs, Dear Leader, Goth Rock, Candy, Vampires and Mythology. Don't forget to check out gifts and occasional submitters. Some highlights I've re-discovered:

Grace Sherman's My Blood Is Toxic

Peppermint by Jeff Craley

Emily Goodale's Paris

Even Vampires (Get Lonely Every Now And Then) by Liam Murray

Omar Tanamly's Loose Nukes!

Patrick Estabrook: Bleeding Heart Literal

Deluxe Apartment by Tom and Corbin

... in no particular order. But that's not even remotely all! Happy hunting campers. I would promise to be more dilligent in the upkeep of this website, but you all know that would be a lie. Maybe I'll make Jeff do it.

July 4th: Check out the new Space theme

July 4th: Tom Avis makes a move for the Lucas Brown award with Canada Day

July 7th: Aaron Krajeski attempts to smooth things over with his roommate with Eddie, you are the consummate bro

June 29th: Claire Smalley submits Burnt Muffins for FOOD! (or does she...)

June 19th: Caroline Jackson records I Later Found Out it was an Urchin for The Tropics