Song Swap Sings Song Swap, a Tribute to Song Swap (February 2007)

Origional Artist Covering Artist Song
Stephen Kane Liam Murray Cre - A - Teen!
Omar Tanamly Tom Avis Robin Ridge Court
Tom Avis Patrick Estabrook THE DEVIL AND ME
Lucas Brown Aaron Krajeski Unrequited Love
Lucas Brown Jeff Craley Unrequited Love

Debbie Does Dallas (July 2008)

Origional Artist Covering Artist Song
Emily Goodale Robert Bridge Bounce Back Baby
Patrick Estabrook Jeff Craley Hurt
Aaron Krajeski Patrick & Omar I Only Came In For Lunch
Tom Avis Ali & Sofia Pastries
Kate Buss Tom Avis Sabre Tooth Sandy

And yet a third covers sesh (January 2010)

Origional Artist Covering Artist Song
Emmy Fritz-Krockow Jeff Craley Space (Cowboy Version)
Tom Avis Omar Tanamly Samson and Delilah
Aaron Krajeski Patrick Estabrook Sleep All Day
Tom Avis Robert Bridge Folded Flag (Synth Remix)


Song Swap Factiod: Founding member Lucas Brown only ever submitted one song, and it was covered twice.