Coulda been somebody. Do yourself a favor, listen to "Erica Leigh."
Date Theme Song
September 22nd, 2006 Antarctica Build me and Igloo (Save me from the Shit Storm)
February 8th, 2007 The Devil The Devil's Dick is a Chainsaw
February 22nd, 2007 Covers The Devil and Me
April 3rd, 2007 Fierce Creatures Some Day I'll Have A Name
September 21st, 2007 Waitresses Kiss Me I'm Welsh
October 12th, 2007 Gifts I Miss That East Coast Humidity
December 25th, 2007 A Very Song Swap Christmas Drunk on Christmas
January 29th, 2008 Gifts 18 August 2007
February 12th, 2008 FOOD! Love Is Bacon (Bacon Nation)
February 13th, 2008 Gifts One For The Pops!
April 19th, 2008 Gifts Erica Leigh
April 20th, 2008 Hometown Arlington
May 11th, 2008 Heartbreak Hurt
July 5th, 2008 Covers I Only Came Here For Lunch (But I Left In Love)
July 14th, 2008 Transportation Pretty Blue Fixie
September 20th, 2008 Recovery Messy
July 20th, 2009 Dear Leader Aaron, I'm Gonna Miss You Bro
July 27th, 2009 Space Earth Girls Are Easy (With Claire Smalley)
September 30th, 2009 Goth Rock Bleeding Heart Literal
October 12th, 2009 Gifts Meet Me By The ATM
February 1st, 2010 Covers Sleep All Day